In operating the Ginza Komatsu website (the “Website”), Komatsu Store Co., Ltd. shall respect the privacy of users of the Website and take sufficient care with their personal information, carefully protecting such information and managing it in an appropriate manner.

Purposes of utilizing personal information

Users’ personal information is in principle only utilized for the purposes of providing information about the company’s services, or for purposes concerning improvements related to comments and requests made by users, or for responding to inquiries made by users. When personal information is collected for other purposes, those purposes shall be announced in advance.

Disclosure to third parties

Except under the following conditions, users’ personal information shall not be disclosed, made available, or transferred to third parties.
1) Disclosure in compliance with a request from an entity with legally binding authority
2) Disclosure with the user’s agreement

Use of cookies

The Website uses cookies for the purpose of making subsequent visits to the Website more convenient for users. The use of cookies does not infringe user privacy.

Scope of application

This Privacy Policy applies only to the Website. No responsibility can be taken for protection of personal information on other websites that are linked to from the Website.